From 2010 to 2012, the founder, Hiking Zhang (Zhang Haiqing) continued to make effort on the high value recycling of WEEE, and made many first disassembly lines in WEEE field. During this time, Mr. Zhang visited Europe and Japan, he realized that a company cannot be in the competitive advantage without core technology in the recycling industry. Therefore, the idea of developing a separation line grew in him and he started lot of theoretic research and accumulation.


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In 2012, the founder, Hiking Zhang (Zhang haiqing) led his technical team to complete the design and production of a plastic washing line with CE standards and be set up at WEEE company in Beijing.

In April 2013, after discussion and selection by the start-up team, it was finally decided that the company's logo and name were Armost, an acronym for "Advanced recycling mission, outstanding separation technology". The Chinese name is "阿莫斯特".

The slogan of " Advanced recycling mission, outstanding separation technology " becomes the goal the company strives to reach.


On May 1, 2013, Armost Recycling-Tech. Co., LTD., was formally established. We formally started our design and manufacturing of plastic separation system at an abandoned boiler room;

In June 2013, Armost impurity sorting machine AIS-1000 was completed and tested successfully.

 In July 2013, the initial design of AES-500, Armost's first electrostatic separator, is completed.

On August 15, 2013, Armost's first silicone & rubber separator ARS-500 was put into operation in Dongguan, Guangdong. The era of machine separation of silicone and rubber from plastic officially came.

On October 26, 2013, Armost's second generation silicone & rubber separator ARS-1000-V0 was officially put into operation in Zhaoqing, Guangdong. The production efficiency of this equipment is three times that of ARS-500.

In March 2014, the modified ARS-1000-V3 entered the market, and 8 more models and 4 more specifications were improved and derived on its base. The silicone & rubber separator became the standard configuration in the plastic recycling industry.

In September 2014, Armost vibration feeder completed the initial design and test, and started formal production as the preferred supporting product of the supplier of NIR (near infrared optics) or EDC (eddy current) sorting equipment.

In October 2014, the improved electrostatic separator AES-500 entered the market for testing.

In November 2014, Armost's core sorting equipment officially entered the Korean market, and we began to explore the international market.

On December 19, 2014, Dongguan Armost Recycling-Tech. Co., LTD. was officially established.

In January 2015, AES-1000, the electrostatic separator that overturns the industry's productivity efficiency, was officially born, and its capacity, efficiency, product purity and other performance indicators comprehensively surpassed the similar electrostatic separation equipment in the market.

In February 2015, Armost successfully tested the full solution of ASR (Automotive Shredder Residues).

In May 2015, the high-efficiency preprocessor (dust removal system), PS-600 was successfully tested and officially incorporated into Armost's other systems.

In May 2015, the mixed plastic sorting system was exported to Korea.

In August 2015, the official test of the AVP-4500 Vibrating tube conveyor was successful, which greatly improved the efficiency of material unloading.

In January 2016, IPS-1500, an intelligent mixed plastic sorting system, was exported to Europe and passed CE certification.

In March 2016, the intelligent mixed plastic sorting system IPS-1500 was awarded Ringier Technology Innovation Awards.

In April 2016, the intelligent mini separation system, such as silicone & rubber separation and metal non-metal separation, was exhibited in Shanghai Chinaplas 2016.

In March 2017, the intelligent mixed plastic sorting system IPS-1000 passed the CE certification and was awarded the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards.

In April 2017, we participated in Guangzhou Chinaplas 2017.

In July 2017, IPS-1000, an intelligent mixed plastic sorting system, was put into operation in Europe's largest plastic products company.

In September 2017, the intelligent mixed plastic sorting system was exported to Korea again.

In December 2017, the intelligent mixed plastic sorting system was exported to Japan。

Since 2018, many sets of intelligent mixed plastic sorting system have been exported to southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and Korea.

Since its establishment, the company has received more than ten patents, and has a number of patents pending every year.


To this day, Armost finished the core system’s the design and manufacturing, such as AIS impurity separation system, ASF sink-floating separation system, AES electrostatic separation system, ARS silicone & rubber separation system, AWS plastic granulating waste gas treatment system, automobile ASR separation system etc. Armost has completed all solutions for plastic recycling of WEEE and ASR.